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North Atlantic Surface Pressure Chart
Surface Pressure Chart

Wind Vector Chart
Wind vector Chart

_______934______ Isobars
Contours of equal mean sea-level pressure (MSLP), measured in hectopascals (hPa).

Cold FrontCold front
The leading edge of a colder air mass, usually associated with cloud and precipitation, followed by a drop in temperature.

Warm FrontWarm front
The leading edge of a warm air mass which commonly brings cloud and precipitation followed by increasing temperatures.

Stationary FrontStationary front
A stationary or slow-moving boundary between two air masses. Cloud and precipitation are usually associated.

Occluded FrontOccluded front (or 'occlusion')
Occlusions form when the cold front of a depression catches up with the warm front, lifting the warm air between the fronts into a narrow wedge above the surface. Occluded fronts bring cloud and precipitation.